Here are a few examples of art and design utilizing 3D printing techniques. We promote art and design in 3D print through our contest and by paying up to 1000 Euro. The results of bachelor- and master thesis work qualifies as well, assuming you own intellectual property rights of the work.

  • Philippe Tabet designs furniture and accessoires, he utilizes 3D Print. Some details on his work has been published in Zeit Magazin. Nowadays he works from Milano, Italy.
  • Marguerite Humenau shows in Saint Etienne´s Cité du Design prehistoric creatures. Vocal chors of teh creatures have been produced using 3D printing. . For the Opera of prehistoric Creatures they produce sounds of prehistoric times, also in future.
  • The master of sculptures, Mr. Georg Mueller is afraid to show new work and scaled versions of current art utilizing 3D print and 3D Scan..
  • Ba individualized mass production the artist can produce mass production. This is the democratisation of product and art.
  • There are several examples of Ikea Hacks, individualizing and uplifting standard parts.
  • Decoration and jewelry can be produced using our  Mini Metal Maker. This allows the artist and designer to focus on art, while production and shipment is done by the 3D Solution Stores.