Terms and Conditions / Terms of Delivery

§1 – Validity in Connection to Companies and Definitions of Terms
The subsequent terms and conditions are valid for all deliveries sent out by us to a consumer in its form relevant at the point of ordering. Consumers denote each natural person who concludes a legal transaction which cannot be associated with their commercial or professional activities (see § 13 BGB (Civil Code of Germany))

§2 – Conclusion of a Contract, Storage of the Text of the Contract
(1) The following regulations are valid for all orders via our web shop

(2) In case of the conclusion of a contract, the contract is accomplished with
Uwe Könneker
Im Unteren Dorfe 23
D-31249 Hohenhameln
Registration Office : Local Court (Amtsgericht) Peine

(3) The presentation of the products in our web shop does not constitute a legally binding contract offer on our part. It solely depicts a non-binding invitation to consumers to order merchandise. With the ordering of the desired merchandise, the consumer submits a personally binding offer to conclude a sales contract.

(4) With the receipt of the purchase order in our internet shop, the following regulations come into effect: The consumer submits a binding contract offer by successfully completing the designated ordering procedure of our web shop. The ordering procedure includes the consecutive steps:

1. Selection of the desired merchandise
2. Confirmation by activating the “Order” button
3. Review of the information in the shopping cart
4. Click on “To Check Out”
5. Registration in the web shop by entering the date of despatch or by creating a new customer account
6. Recurrent check; if necessary, change of the data entered
7. Definite forwarding of the order by clicking on the “Send Order”-button

Before the bindingly submitting the order by clicking on “Send Order”, the consumer may use the “Back”-button of his browser to control the specifications made until he came back to the web page containing his personal details. Via this procedure, he could revise (type) errors or cancel the order by closing the browser.
We directly confirm the receipt of the order by despatching an automatically generated email (“Order Confirmation”). By sending out this mail, we accept the purchase offer.

(5) Storage of the contract text for orders made over our web shop: We send you the ordering data as well as our terms and conditions by email. You also find our terms and conditions on . For security reasons, your order data cannot be accessed over the internet.

§3 – Prices, Shipping Charges, Payment, Maturity
(1) The prices named include the German VAT and other pricing components. Added are any shipping charges.

(2) The consumer may use the following payment methods:
• Payment in advance
• PayPal
• Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard)

(3) If a consumer chose payment in advance as payment method, he would be obliged to pay the price of purchase immediately after concluding the contract.

§4 – Delivery
(1) Unless otherwise stated, all products are promptly readied for shipment. The delivery takes place within seven working days at the latest. In case of advanced payment, the time limit starts to run down on the day the consumer initiates the payment order at the bank of his choice. For all other methods of payment, day one after the conclusion of contract is relevant. Should the deadline end on either a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday at delivery place, the respite ends at the next working day.

(2) At mail-order purchase, the danger of an accidental destruction and deterioration of the product sold is transferred to the customer only after the handover of the merchandise.

§5 – Retention of Title
We reserve the right of ownership of the merchandise up to the complete payment of the purchase price.

§6 –Right of Revocation for the Customer as Consumer
In accordance with the contract, the consumers own a revocation right whereby a consumer denotes each natural person who concludes a legal transaction which cannot be associated with their commercial or professional activities.

Revocation Instruction; Revocation Right
You are entitled to withdraw from this contract without giving reasons. The revocation period amounts to fourteen days from the day on which you or a person designated by you and who is not the carrier take possession of the merchandise.
Parts that are tailor-made or which had to be either finished or adapted i.e. through 3D-printing are considered a firm order. For this reason, a revocation of the contract is not possible. To exercise your revocation right, you need to inform the
Judith Könneker
Im unteren Dorfe 23
D-31249 Hohenhameln

with a clear statement (e.g. a letter sent by post, a telefax message or email) about your intention to rescind from the contract. You might use the following specimen revocation form which is not obligatory.

Revocation Consequences
If you withdraw from this contract, we are obliged to promptly refund the money we had received from you including the shipment charges (with the exception of additional costs which might be incurring when choosing another form of shipment than the economical standard delivery we offer). The redemption needs to be effected fourteen days after the reception of the note of revocation at the latest. For the reimbursement, we use the same medium of exchange which you yourself chose as method of payment unless otherwise agreed. On no account, there will not arise any charges due to the redemption. We can refuse the repayment up to the return of the merchandise or the provision of evidence that you sent back the merchandise, whichever occurs first.
You have to return the merchandise immediately and in any case up to fourteen days starting with day you informed us about your revocation of the contract. The deadline is kept to if you sent off the merchandise within these fourteen days.
You carry the direct costs of the return of the merchandise.

Termination of the “Right of Revocation”

§7 – Revocation Form
Specimen revocation form (Should you wish to rescind from the contract, please fill in this form and send it back to us):


Uwe Könneker
Im unteren Dorfe 23
D-31249 Hohenhameln

Revocation of the Contract

With these words, I/we (*) withdraw from the contract concluded by me/us (*) about the purchase of the following goods (*) / the provision of the following services (*)
_________________________________________ , ordered at (*) / received at (*)
______________________ .

Name of the Consumer(s):

Address of the Consumer(s):

Signature of the Consumer(s) (Solely by information on paper)


(*) Strike out if not appropriate

§8 – Warranty
The German legal warranty regulations apply.

§9 – Contractual Language
German is contract language, translations are not legally binding.

§10 – Customer Service
Our customer service is available on working days from 10 am to 4 pm to answer your questions, handle reclamations and complaints. Contact data of the service centre are:
Phone : 05128/400468
Email :

Version of the “Terms and Conditions”: July 2015
Hohenhameln in July 2015